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Saturday June 18th Live Broadcast - Please read instructions below

Starting at 10 AM we will start our live fabric only sale.

Fabric prices as low as $4.95/yard.
Play bingo with us during the live for great prizes. Click banner above to get your bingo card...

RULES OF THE ONLINE SALE. ​During our online fabric sale you will have the opportunity to purchase fabric at prices as low as $4.95/yd.
Simply complete the registration below
1. Watch us live as we show the fabric (June 18th starting at 10 AM)
2. Comment the number of the item and how many yards you want
3. At the end of our live sale we will send an invoice to your email
4. Pay within 24 hours.

All of the fabric we sell will be of the highest quality. The fabric during this live will be in 1-yard increments. The quantity of each fabric is limited to stock on hand. All bolts of fabric will have a # associated with it. Example: We show a bolt that has 10 yards on it - It is bolt #1. If you want some be quick and comment #1 x 2. This means you want 2 yards of #1. We will keep track of who comments and the first comments will get that fabric then it goes to the second until that bolt is gone. You may miss some fabrics if you are not one of the first people that comment.

We are so excited to do this for the first time! Let's have some fun!!!
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