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Trevor Conquergood of Saskatoon, Canada is considered one of the True Embroidery Masters of our time.
Just like Walter Floriani Jr., Trevor was born the son of an Embroidery Master, and his father and family lived emboridery. Forgoing his own path, Trevor has learned and taught almost every brand of embroidery software.  Even software companies invite Trevor to Europe or Aisa to teach educators on maximizing their program's functionality to get the most of their features and benefits.

Trevor will be at our Tempe Event Center JUNE 19th - 24th to teach us custom embroidery projects and how to create these projects with software.

June 19 & 20 Trevor will be teaching 3 hour hands on sessions creating 2 projects - Patches & Postcards.
June 21 & 22 Trevor will be teaching 1 day hands on classes creating 3 projects - Bears, Embroidered Boxes & Embroidered Coloring Cards.
June 23 Trevor will be discussing how to Save Your Embroidery - Teaching stabilizer tricks, digitizing tricks.
June 24 If you already own FTCU you can spend the day with Trevor as he teaches many techniques - hands on.

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CLICK BELOW To watch Trevor discuss the Patches & Postcards event!

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CLICK BELOW To watch Trevor discuss the Boxes, Bears, & Coloring Cards event!

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CLICK BELOW To watch Trevor discuss the Save Your Embroidery event!

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CLICK BELOW To watch Trevor discuss the Intermediate FTCU Hands On Software event!

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