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Edge-to-Edge PRO - ASD282

Resize edge-to-edge quilting designs, stitch border designs, get great results!
It’s a simple idea. But, the actual process to stitch perfectly sized quilting in the body of a quilt, then stitch different designs in the border was very tricky... until now!
Important: to use this book, you must understand the Easy-ConnectTM technique explained in our book, Edge-to-Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine. This book builds on that information, providing new techniques to help you to get great quilting results in both the quilt body and borders!
New techniques
Christine shows you how to determine the design size and spacing you’ll need to make your quilting fit perfectly in any quilt body and border. Next, you’ll learn how to use the included Embroidery Tool Shed software to resize designs. Finally, use our instructions to position and stitch designs.
New designs with an exclusive, flexible format
We include 6 new edge-to-edge, border and cornerstone design sets. But, these are not just any designs... these exclusive designs allow you to resize to ANY dimensions, while recalculating stitches and preserving the stitch length!
As a bonus, we re-digitized 5 designs from the original Edge-to-Edge book, to make them fully resizable, and added border & cornerstone designs.
Altogether, that’s 36 new, resizable designs! See the Design Overview at the end of the book for details and images of all design sets.
Supported file formats: ALL File dimensions: ANY
New projects
When you’re learning a new quilting technique, you need fun projects to quilt. So, we included 4 table runners, a wall hanging, and 2 full size quilt patterns. Each project includes full piecing, resizing, and quilting instructions that serve as great examples of the new techniques.
This book is a tremendous value, including:
• 3 new techniques, with extensive instructions
• 4 table runner patterns
• 3 quilt patterns
• Free Embroidery Tool Shed software
• 36 fully-resizable quilting, border, and cornerstone designs

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