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Embellish® Fusible Underlay Bold is a sheer, fusible, interlining used to upgrade and protect the integrity of embellished fabric. This product is not a stabilizer; instead, it is underlining that creates a bond with the fabric, forming a protective barrier without changing the drape of the fabric. It adds substance to specialty and loosely woven fabric (lamé, loosely woven cotton, silk, satin, taffeta, etc.) to prevent needle penetration from shredding or causing runs in the fabric. It is also perfect for adding a structure when working with home décor, pillows, or creating garments or purses. Use Embellish® Fusible Underlay Bold when you want to add stability and structure before embroidering, embellishing, sewing, or quilting. If it is fused using steam, the fusible forms a permanent bond with the fabric.
This product is ideal for producing flawless, high stitch count embroidery on quilt cotton and light denim. Use Embellish® Fusible Underlay Bold to “prep” the fabric and then stabilize with Embellish® Fusible Tearaway Bold – a perfect combination for high density embellishments! Try our lesser weight version, Embellish® Fusible Underlay, for lighter applications.

Which one do I choose? Embellish® Fusible Underlay or Embellish® Fusible Underlay Bold? Here is an example to answer the question. If you are creating a lightweight, embroidered, summer jacket using silk fabric, you will want the jacket to hang nicely and not be bulky. For the front, back and sleeves, a good choice is to fuse the yardage of silk with Embellish® Fusible Underlay. Embroider and embellish the yardage and then cut out the pattern pieces. Now, for the collar and cuffs, a good choice is to use Embellish® Fusible Underlay Bold to add more structure, as you usually see in ready-to-wear.

This is not a stabilizer.

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