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Hero Foam 23.5"x23.5" WHITE 3 sheets 6mm - CP-6FW

Our high-density hero foam is available in White, Gray, and Black in 2mm and 6mm thicknesses. Comes in 23 1/2 inch square sheets, in 2 and 3 count packages.
What sets our product apart from the competition?
The closed-cell foam takes any kind of paint quickly and easily with no need for a primer.
Cut it with a digital cutter to create elaborate designs.
Smooth on both sides.
Easily cuts with a pair of scissors or a blade.
Stitch it, glue it, carve it, layer it.
EVA Foam is great for creating armor. Craft Foam is great for creating accessories for sewn costumes. Hero Foam is perfect for both - just choose the thickness that works for you.
Hero Foam is Perfect for:
Sewn into collars and garments
And Much More!

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